Friday, March 9, 2012

Belanga Again

Today i'm hanging out with my besty go go mid valley...a short lepaking at belanga.Belanga again...i was like to eat Nasi dagang again but later too i choose laksam which is i miss damm much hometown food...

Not bad la..but cannot compete with hometown laksam..yummies..too many vege until cannot see the laksam.:D

My besty choose Nasi Kerabu...but she said better nasi kerabu pasar malam..hoho

We order Avocado that make us very full..burpp!.:D..

I plan to back home town cos i damm miss my home town foods...the food that cannot get here!..owh i miss my hometown...*sob..sob.


It was last friday, lepaking with friends Alicia at Coffee Famille. it was the 2nd time i'm here..before this just drop by to gather with alicia & denise before we went to Sunway giza..i was ordering sakarato. a cold coffee that make me wake up until 2am..yeay...i will try again next time...but sorry forgot to snap pic :D...below was Alicia's tea time meals..hoho

yea she force me to eat this sandwich..but ok lo..not bad..yummy

i love this wall paint..meow...

the deco...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMG!..i dah berubah ker?

OMG i being crazy..i been repeat to watch this drama for 3 times edy..before this walau macam nana suker i terhadap drama korea xde la sampai nak repeat kali ni dah repeat 3x dah...ape kene dgn ko ni...ape yg best sgt psal cite nie?hadoi...

cite Vanilla coklat ni mengisahkan dua insan yg kene kawin pakse..siap ade agreement lagi..suker cite ni mungkin sbb jalan citenye ala2 drama korea kowt..pastu genre romantic comedy tu sgt manarik perhatian...lagi satu cite ni bukan setakat hero & heroin watak mak ayh depa menaikkan lagi jalan cerita ni..siap nangis sbb ank tak pandai packing baju..haha..mmg lawak mak die nie..ost yg dimuatkan lam cite ni mmg kene..mungkin jugak suker tgk cite nie sbb suke tgk org2 yg tinggi lampai cam Aiman tu..(aku mmg suker org yg tinggi lampai) package yg menarik bagi aku tuk tgk cite nie..

Antara OST lam cite nie:
  • 6ixth Sense(ft. Saujana)-Penerang Hati
  • Spider- Tapi Bagaimana
  • Siti Nordiana - Tak Tahan
  • Awan Band - Kartita
  • Ghodong - Rindu 101
  • Ernie Zakri - Rindu Bukan Teman
  • Geisha - Cinta Dan Benci
  • Geisha - Cukup Tak Lagi
  • Geisha - Remuk Jantungku
  • Geisha - Kenangan Hidupku
  • Astrid - Tentang Rasa
  • GX4-kerana Kasihmu
lagu GX4 yg paling disukai..dah try google tp xdpt2 nak donlot lagu nie..sebenarnye aku ni mmg tak suker tgk cite melayu..tengok jugak sbb aku ni msih melayu tp jarang sekali & aku ni mmg tak tgk tb start dr umo 15 tahun lagi..klu tgk pon kejap2 jer..stegah jam skrg ni ble tgk tb balik klu lebih dr 1 jam aku mmg dah gelisah dah sbb bosan kowt..klu nak aku duk lame dpn tb,kasi aku magazine ke..buku aku leh duk lame kt dpn tb tu :D...

tp disebakkan terpengaruh ngn ank buah ckp cite nie tertengok jugak cite vanilla coklat nie...haaa...kan dah sangkut..hadoi....ditambah pulak dgn si Aiman yg tinggi lampai tu..hehe(sekali lagi repeat yg aku ni mmg suke tgk org yg tinggi lampai) :D...sebelom ni aku tak kenal pon sape la si aiman ni..ble dah tgk cite ni br tau Aiman ni dr mentor rupenye(sory la aku mmg tak tgk mentor)..

syabas tuk penerbit & pengarah cite ni mmg best!! selamat menonton!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saya Puteri Lilin

oh! name is puteri mmg tak bole berjemur dibawah terik mentari..:D..guwau je..

putri lilin nak tanye pernahkan anda mengalami keadaan dibawah?

sy tak pernah sbb sy tak pakai bikini..:D

atau dibawah ini?
tak sbb sy tak botak...

atau spt dibawah?

oh my god!!! be carefully...apply sunblock before u play-play under the sun the tips that i got from pembelajaran di opis..sebelom ni klu nak g pantai mesti apply sunblock tp ble naik itam jugak jadinye..sbb...tak apply dgn Nivea telah mencadangkan penggunaan sebanyak 30ml per application(adult) klu korang nak ukur 30ml tu agak susahla ble dah exited nak trn pantai 30ml tu kira2 cam gambar dibawah nie..(dr nadi ke hujung jari tgh)..
area2 yg perlu disapu pulak spt dibawh nie (pic from nivea web).

so tuk mengelakkan dr sunburn & terjadi spt gambar2 hodoi sebelum ni silalah....

apply sun block spt sy yg comel nie dan barulah anda boleh

berjemur spt saya..k bai..

Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY Celebrations

Go Xi Fa Cai & Xin Nian Kuai le to all my chinese friends & also uncle sebelah rumah..haha.
For this CNY i also got makan-makan with my family at rumah ampang...but just 3 siblings bro & his family,my sis & her family,me. it just a few days off so i lazy to cook so much foods..i just make a i can have a CNY feel..hakhakhak..


Normally if got family gathering we all cook so much foods & after that we also need to tidy up. but this time because of only a few days off & everyone want to take rest beside eat so i decide to do a simple foods that we can enjoy it together..

the vege for my bro yg selalu ckp nak diet tp ckp je la...

looking forward for next public holidayz...hehe

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Small Gift, The Big Meaning

This small little book given by my colleague..its a little book but have a big meaning..i've been touch by the words written there "Dear Aida,get married quick as it complete half of our deen"...its not i dont want to married but i've been thinking so deep before before make the decision...having a heartbroke a few times make me felt comfort to be alone. i felt lucky because i look young from my age...& i have a family who didint stress me to get marry...sometimes look at my fren who edy married i feel like wanna get marry too but now i dont have a bf yet..haha..lazy to find bf...i will get marry when the times come...owh! out of topic!

this liitle book is about the invocation or"doa" as a guide for all muslims..& this doa compile from the Quran & Sunnah...thats the beauty of islam..everything u wanna do have doa...i fall in love w this book.

its really2 me to get through these day...its really useful to help me to face the difficult in work place~rite now i have some difficulties...but i just "tawwakal tu alallah" & recite the prayer...InsayAllah Allah will help me

lets review what inside this small gift...

Starts with when we wake up


for those who always go to markets...nampak sgt aku ni jrg pi market :)

For New Parents!!!!!

this also important!!!

be strong when tragedy happen & read this....

Always remember Allah S.W.T

Sista Gathering @ Full House Sunway Giza

Hola my sis...last Friday i make a last minute decision to had a gathering with my old fren from the previous i sms my ex-buddy & others if they are free...but unlucky 1 of them said not free cause had another sad but she ask me to join the appointment were calling & sms others to meet up somewhere at Sunway Giza.Because of last minute decision we actually dont know where to meet fren tt finish work on she go to lepaking at one of coffee house at tune hotel near the Sunway Giza mall...

for me i finish my work on 5.30 heading to meet tt 1st..until i forgot i edy promise my x-buddy to meet her at the previous company..ouch!..sorry ya...As usual on Friday,dam freaking jam...i left office ard5.50pm & reach at the coffee house 7.15pm..wth!...i'm lost ok i dont know where is the tune the journey ard 1hour & 15 minute i can accept it..

i tot we're gonna lepak there but they said we're meet others at somewhere else..haiyo!..i'm really tired that time..1st we plan go to Paris to have our dinner but Paris close on we cannot lepak until late night..then we decide go to sunway giza & see what can we we meet others at Sunway Giza Mall & decide go to Full House...Full house got many choices of foods & with the diff prices..i had my chicken chop w ice lemon tea..the environment so nice & suit if u wanna lepak until late nite..

my chic chop@RM 16.90

i wanna snap the tea pot pic actually but it happen like this..She dam angry said her photo so ugly :D

After lepak they decide to go sing K..but cos of very tired so I excuse my self this time…its 11.30pm & I said good bye to u next time sista!

Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY was c0mIng....

Hi there...just left 1 week to work before on leave for CNY celebration...yes i'm not celebrate it but i have a lots of fren celebrate it :) tumpang sekaki la..btw i love holidaysz very the muchi..hehe..

yesterday my company heve a charity event..we as a employee need to go to old folks home to deco the house..this is just a 2 hour event..not much just deco the house only...but they look so happy when someone come to visit them...

my fren had a change to talk with 1 of the occupant...we felt that he very lonely...he need someone to talk & chat w for those who have a free time please have a visit..Show that we care & we love them...kalu xde yg tua manekan ade yg muda.

decorate the house

distribute the oranges

Some of them reach the 100 years already...its remind me of my late mum....suddenly so emo..ok bye!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plan for Holidayzsss...

Now i'm totally have no mood to work..myb because of new working place,new tak ngam lagi la..what in my mind now only wannna go for i'm proceed to work on what my fren and i plan before. we're plan for a trip to redang or perhentian..go there for snorkeling..owh i miss that moment..i miss the smeels of sands at redang...So now i'm looking for the chepest rate :)..gonna update when i got it..

below photos for last year trip at redang..3D2N with snorkeling package...

i miss the smells of the sands
the white sands
The Room
The living hall
The model...OPS! la this is the single bed place at the living hall..pelik tak?tak pelik..chelet ni seswai tuk org yg dtg with family..bole muatkan 5 org..if bwak org gaji bole la kasi die tdo kt katil luar nie..
bercanda di tepian pantai :)
the green water..OMG
the jetty..
a way to other chelet
owh i miss this place

can't wait for the upcoming trip!!!!!

The Opening of 2012

setelah meninggalkan 2011..skunk ni nak post kisah jalan2 cr mkn pertama tahun ni..tempatnye kt Restoran Belanga kt ss2mall,petaling jaya..makanan dr Pantai timur..seswai sgt la sbb eden ni org pantai timur :)..makanannye superb beb!!..aku suke gler nasi dagang die..mungkin sbb dah lame aku tak mkn nasi aku bole katekan mmg sedap giler la..hargenye standard je..jemput mkn yea..

Nasi Dagang Ikn tongkol

Membe aku lak mkn nasi dagang kari ayam..marvellous

Ni lak nasi tumpang yg ktorg share 8 org..sedap giler wa ckp lu..

tgk depa mkn..berselera kan?


So pas ni aku nak ajk kawan2 aku mkn kt sini lagi la..klu agak2 rindu makanan ganu kelantan tu bole la aku mkn kt sini..ok nnt sambung lagu..nak iron baju japs..

Finally 2012 after silence for 3 years

Fuh..ade lagi blog aku ni rupenyer... :) dah lame aku tinggalkan..igt dah dilupuskan..Finally 2012 akhirnye tibe harap2 2012 ni ade bnyk kenangan manis tuk dikenang..ku tinggalkan 2011 dgn kisah jalan2 cari makan semperna farewell big bos kt opis lame dlu..

Thanks to this man for the hug that he gave to me on the saddest day in my life...He hug me on the day that my mum gone for the next life...air mate aku tertumpah2 sampai basah kemeje die..

2011 sgt byk kenangan sampai tak terpost..haha..nnt aku slow2 post kt sini..farewell ni ramai yg xdpt dtg..aku sbg host gak kecewa kiorg yg ade ni nekad nak wt jugak,30 dec 2011 bertempat di Flaming steamboat die aku leh katekan sucks..yg aku pg kt setapak branch tu ok yg kt subang ni sucks..sup die tasteless sunggoh.takkan ku dtg next time..yuen 10x lgi sedap xpela..depa2 ckp nak wat 2nd farewell sbb ramai yg xdpt join aritu..tuk 2nd farewell nnt aku tatau la dpt join ke tak sbb byk sgt xtvt bulan jan & feb nie..p/s~gambar dr ipad ain :)