Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY was c0mIng....

Hi there...just left 1 week to work before on leave for CNY celebration...yes i'm not celebrate it but i have a lots of fren celebrate it :) tumpang sekaki la..btw i love holidaysz very the muchi..hehe..

yesterday my company heve a charity event..we as a employee need to go to old folks home to deco the house..this is just a 2 hour event..not much just deco the house only...but they look so happy when someone come to visit them...

my fren had a change to talk with 1 of the occupant...we felt that he very lonely...he need someone to talk & chat w for those who have a free time please have a visit..Show that we care & we love them...kalu xde yg tua manekan ade yg muda.

decorate the house

distribute the oranges

Some of them reach the 100 years already...its remind me of my late mum....suddenly so emo..ok bye!

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