Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plan for Holidayzsss...

Now i'm totally have no mood to work..myb because of new working place,new tak ngam lagi la..what in my mind now only wannna go for i'm proceed to work on what my fren and i plan before. we're plan for a trip to redang or perhentian..go there for snorkeling..owh i miss that moment..i miss the smeels of sands at redang...So now i'm looking for the chepest rate :)..gonna update when i got it..

below photos for last year trip at redang..3D2N with snorkeling package...

i miss the smells of the sands
the white sands
The Room
The living hall
The model...OPS! la this is the single bed place at the living hall..pelik tak?tak pelik..chelet ni seswai tuk org yg dtg with family..bole muatkan 5 org..if bwak org gaji bole la kasi die tdo kt katil luar nie..
bercanda di tepian pantai :)
the green water..OMG
the jetty..
a way to other chelet
owh i miss this place

can't wait for the upcoming trip!!!!!

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