Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Small Gift, The Big Meaning

This small little book given by my colleague..its a little book but have a big meaning..i've been touch by the words written there "Dear Aida,get married quick as it complete half of our deen"...its not i dont want to married but i've been thinking so deep before before make the decision...having a heartbroke a few times make me felt comfort to be alone. i felt lucky because i look young from my age...& i have a family who didint stress me to get marry...sometimes look at my fren who edy married i feel like wanna get marry too but now i dont have a bf yet..haha..lazy to find bf...i will get marry when the times come...owh! out of topic!

this liitle book is about the invocation or"doa" as a guide for all muslims..& this doa compile from the Quran & Sunnah...thats the beauty of islam..everything u wanna do have doa...i fall in love w this book.

its really2 me to get through these day...its really useful to help me to face the difficult in work place~rite now i have some difficulties...but i just "tawwakal tu alallah" & recite the prayer...InsayAllah Allah will help me

lets review what inside this small gift...

Starts with when we wake up


for those who always go to markets...nampak sgt aku ni jrg pi market :)

For New Parents!!!!!

this also important!!!

be strong when tragedy happen & read this....

Always remember Allah S.W.T

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